Children and Youth Programs

Social Groups for school-aged children with ID/DD:
The Arc offers two social activity groups for school-aged children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. All activities are family-friendly and welcome siblings, other family members, neighbors and friends to join us.  Parents/caregivers are responsible for transportation to and from activities, all fees associated with the activity and any behavioral and/or toileting supervision their child requires.  Every effort is made to organize either free activities or secure discounts.  We also invite volunteers from local schools/colleges or service organizations to participate to provide extra support.

To enroll, complete and return the Kids & Youth Group Enrollment Form.  For additional information on The Arc’s “Kids Playgroup” or “Youth Group” contact Cheryl Sewell at 281-494-5924.

Kids’ Playgroup:
The Kids’ Playgroup is for families with children PPCD through elementary school, aged 3 to 12 years old. The Arc organizes 2 or 3 activities per year for families with younger children and may invite Kids’ Group families to participate with our older Youth Group families depending on the activity and venue. Our Kid’s Group has enjoyed going to Chuck E. Cheese, Gatti-Town, the Stomping Grounds Playground, and having picnics.

Youth Group:
Our Youth Group was developed so that students with intellectual or developmental disabilities, aged 11 to 21, and their student peers without disabilities can participate together in fun, social and recreational activities. At least one activity per month is scheduled from October through March. The students have enjoyed such activities as the Fort Bend County Fair, Texian Market Days, picnics, flying kites, fishing, dance lessons, treasure hunts at First Colony Mall, billiards, a Christmas Party and a Mardi Gras party, going to a high school football game, movies and bowling.

Youth Group Photo Gallery