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Meet Rachel Lenzsch,
New Program Director

Howdy! My name is Rachel Lenzsch and I am honored to be the new Program Director for The Arc of Fort Bend County.

I am a Texas A&M graduate with a deep passion for creating an inclusive environment for individuals of all abilities, so that they feel empowered and celebrated for who they are.

After graduation I went to Peru and lived there for six months volunteering for the nonprofit, Live Simply for Peru. My days were dedicated to serving a local orphanage for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I came back to Texas with a vision of implementing programs that create an inclusive community for those transitioning from the educational system into society.

While at Texas A&M, I was a part of the nonprofit, Young Life Capernaum, where I served two years as a volunteer leader. I was given the opportunity to pursue real and meaningful friendships with high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For the past six summers, I have worked at Camp Blessing Texas-a Christian camp for children and adults with disabilities giving them an all-inclusive, typical, camp experience. I served on the leadership team at Camp Blessing where I developed and implemented camp programs.

I look forward to serving and becoming part of the Fort Bend County community as I facilitate Special Olympics, TwentySomething, and all the other wonderful programs available through The Arc.  I consider it a privilege to be part of The Arc’s team that shares the same passion to have young adults of all abilities fully immersed in our community.

Random facts about me:

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M in 2017 with a degree in Health and minor in Psychology
  • I hiked to the top of Machu Picchu
  • I love to paint, craft, be outside/going on walks
  • I love a good cup of tea
  • I love my cat AnnieClick here to contact Rachel!


The Arc Celebrates 50 Years, 1968 – 2018
A Member’s Letter About The Arc


Written By: Debbie Patton, sister of Sharon Schreiber

The Arc of Fort Bend is an outstanding organization that provides many programs and activities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Sharon completed her limited school program in 1971. Our parents used the available resources to help her be more independent, thrive in the community, and continue to learn life lessons. Resources and opportunities were limited during this time period. We have a very large family and Sharon was included in everyday living, celebrations, gatherings, and vacations. Our friends included her in neighborhood gatherings and parties. She commented that our friends were so nice to her but she wanted her own friends, activities, and to be more like us.

After our parents passed away I started researching options, activities and opportunities that would help her become more independent, meet friends, and become part of the community. The Arc has provided those needs. Sharon was so excited to join and be a part of The Arc. She became more comfortable and relaxed. She made friends as she participated in social activities and programs. Our family and friends commented on how she became more happy and confident. Her improved self-esteem was noticeable to those around her. Special Olympics, her favorite activity, gave her the incentive to become healthier, stronger, lose weight, and eat healthier meals.

Due to her commitment to become healthier, many of her medications were subsequently discontinued by her physician! She continues to strive to do her best, be gracious, and respect others (a valuable lesson practiced at Special Olympics.) The many programs within The Arc have given her the opportunity to be with her friends and make new ones. Sharon’s girlfriends are special to her. She enjoys girls’ day out, sleepovers, and girl talk. The Arc staff is very supportive and caring with a wealth of information to help the families. The network of families helping each other and sharing information with The Arc’s support is remarkable.

Additionally, The Arc provides many opportunities for volunteers to participate in their programs and activities. The Arc has given Sharon, and others like her, the opportunities to be with each other. They socialize and learn new skills together and feel like a part of the community in which they live. The Arc promotes inclusion, celebrating abilities, and family.

I enjoy being a member of The Arc. I enjoy the volunteer work and get great satisfaction from watching Sharon and her friends compete, laugh, and tell stories. The Arc has helped change Sharon’s life for the better and our family is grateful. She has commented several times “I have my own friends now and they are nice to me. We really are all the same.”

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