Core Values

1. Awareness: greater awareness about individuals with disabilities increases understanding about the abilities of individuals with disabilities.  Greater understanding increases opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and so we work to achieve greater awareness to achieve greater understanding to expand opportunities.

2. Diversity: we must serve all individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families in this county.

3. Respect: we must be understanding of and sensitive to the concerns of individuals with disabilities about their identity and how we describe them.

4. Ownership: it is important to have community members serve on our committees and board, and support our association, but our association should remain an “individuals with disabilities and their families” organization.

5. Advocacy: with limited resources, if we become primarily or solely a provider organization, our association will never do more than make only a limited impact on the quality of life of a few individuals with disabilities.

6. Cooperation: advocacy and programs that benefit individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families in many cases will also benefit individuals with other disabilities.

7. Good Stewardship: as an association, we must be fiduciaries of the talent and resources that our volunteers and community supporters entrust to us.