Advocacy takes many forms such as public speaking, giving testimony before a legislative committee or at a public hearing and assisting parents with ARDs in their child’s school. The Arc strives to empower individuals and families to advocate for themselves, but increasing the “voice” of individuals with intellectual disabilities in our community is an important piece of The Arc’s advocacy efforts. Acceptance by the communities in which they live and having membership in those communities is vital to our advocacy efforts. We need you to become a member of The Arc of Fort Bend County. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is when we are advocating.


My Medicaid Matters

Visiting Austin
The Arc of Fort Bend County visits Austin during legislative sessions every odd numbered year. Parents have accompanied staff to Austin to speak with legislators regarding issues surrounding education, employment, Medicare and Medicaid, funding issues and the lengthy Home and Community Based Services (HCS) waiting lists. Click here for a link to the Texas Legislature Online website that will keep you informed as various bills are brought before the members of the senate and House of Representatives.
Get To Know Your Legislators
The Arc urges parents and volunteers to build a relationship with their legislators so they will know the issues before they are presented in session. Legislative advocacy is becoming more vital to The Arc organization and is the primary reason we are a membership organization. Since many decisions are made impacting the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc wants to be sure the decisions are made with the benefit of background knowledge. This is rapidly becoming an initiative that will need many family members, staff and volunteers to keep a dialogue going with legislators and community leaders. To find out who your state representatives are, go to the Texas Senate website and the Texas House of Representatives website. Also, be sure to join The Arc of Fort Bend County as a member so your voice will be heard by our legislators!